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TH50 Ice Machine - Up to 38kg/day

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Have a production of up to 38kg per day of solid and crystalline cube ice, produced in a cascade system, with this MACHINE that is compact and perfect for residences, condominiums, or small commercial establishments such as restaurants, bars, resorts, and hotels. It is equipped with a professional European 400-watt motor and a 12-liter reservoir, freeing up space in your freezer. The feeding is automatic, done through the water network, with built-in filtration system, and stops automatically when the reservoir is full. 

Tudo para proporcionar um desempenho excepcional com um baixo consumo de água e energia. Seu design é elegante, combinado com um sistema inteligente de display touch que garante a facilidade de uso, além de ser fácil de instalar. Não espere mais para desfrutar de gelo fresco e cristalino sempre que precisar. Transforme sua rotina com a máquina de gelo IMPOMAC TH50.

GET TO KNOW the advantages of the TH50

High Production Capacity

Produces up to 38-50 kg per day. Fluctuation due to water temperature. 

The largest reservoir in its category

Reservoir that holds up to 12 liters

Solid and translucent cubes

Largest cube on the market

28 x 28 x 22 mm

22 x 22 x 22 mm

Technical support

We have specialized technical assistance.

Modern digital display

It's possible to adjust the ice thickness according to your needs.



The same system used by the largest fast-food chains and major hotel chains worldwide.

Low water and energy consumption

State-of-the-art European compressor, providing excellent performance with low water and energy consumption.

The best warranty in the market

3 years on the compressor and 1 year on the factory. 

Potable and filtered ice

Built-in water filter 

Coated with the finest steel

304 stainless steel, the best stainless steel against corrosion and rust. 

Complete machine

Collector shovel, connections, and hoses included. Drain and water filter.

Simplified installation

Everything is simple and intuitive in the installation process.


Maximum production capacity:
38 Kg/day*
Storage capacity:
12 liters
Power supply:
(height x width x depth):
74,2 x 40,5 x 50cm


304 Stainless Steel

Our ice machines have been tested under ambient temperature conditions of 20°C and water at 10°C to ensure accuracy in measuring production across the entire IMPOMAC line. This ensures reliable and consistent results. Daily production capacity can vary by up to 30% more or less depending on ambient temperature, water inlet temperature, and ice thickness set on the machine. The total daily production considers continuous cycling where the ice reservoir is constantly emptied due to an automatic system that stops production when the reservoir is full. The average time for each discharge is considered between cycles, as the first cycle, when starting the machine, may be longer due to self-cleaning or initial cooling of the unit. Trust in the quality of our machines to elevate the standard of your establishment.

User manual


Triple Coating

Triple innovation in insulation, ensuring maximum efficiency and durability. The first layer, the ABS lining, provides a robust, impact-resistant surface ideal for daily handling. The second layer, the polyethylene thermal insulation, is essential for maintaining the internal temperature, reducing energy consumption. Finally, the 304 stainless steel housing not only gives it a sleek aesthetic, but also protects against corrosion, ensuring your ice machine maintains its performance and hygiene for years. Together, these layers form the perfect shield for producing superior quality ice with exemplary energy efficiency.

Natural Refrigerant Gas

Sustainability is a priority. That's why our ice machines are powered by natural refrigerant gas, a conscious choice that reflects our commitment to the environment. This gas not only significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also improves the energy efficiency of machines. With natural refrigerant gas, we guarantee that every ice cube produced comes with the promise of a greener planet and superior performance, aligning technological innovation with ecological responsibility.

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The intuitive display of the TH50 makes it easy to use for anyone, providing total control with just a few touches.

Simple and straightforward installation in a matter of minutes, without complications. Make sure the installation location is prepared with adequate access to the drain and water point.

The sleek and compact design of the TH50 fits perfectly in any environment, whether at home, in the office, or in commercial establishments.

Convenience, speed, and quality when preparing your drinks!

With the TH50 IMPOMAC, you have fast, crystalline, and perfect ice anytime.


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Restaurants and buffets

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Hotels, Inns, and Resorts

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Gourmet Areas

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